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Jan 23 2017 -

Movement Revamp for the Tibia 11 Client

ith today's Tibia 11 client update, we addressed the movement issues we received feedback on from our community. The following changes have been implemented to make your character's movement as similar to the old stand-alone client as possible:

  • We reduced the movement delay which occurred after changing floors via ladders or stairs, for example.
  • Using potions or casting spells while walking is now working as in the old client.
  • We fixed some issues which under certain circumstances caused stuttered movement and snap-backs while walking.
  • Additional steps at the end of a walking command should no longer occur.
  • If a movement key is still pressed while you release a modifier key, your character now starts walking in the desired direction.
  • Key commands are now more responsive when pressed in close succession.

Further information: If you are moving via your numeric pad and experience your character to continuously walk in one direction even if you have already released the key, we highly recommend deactivating your numeric lock (num lock). 

Once again, we want to thank everyone who gave feedback. It helped a lot to address the issues. So please do not hesitate to provide further feedback if you are still experiencing difficulties. 

Have fun,
Your Community Managers

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