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Jan 16 2017 -

Tibia 11 Fixes

oday, we released an update for the Tibia 11 client. Among others, we were able to fix the following:

  • An issue causing wrong hotkeys to be displayed after switching within different hotkey presets is now fixed.
  • Players can now keep the corresponding hotkeys pressed to scroll continuously within the minimap.
  • We fixed an issue which, under certain circumstances, caused a problem while playing the tutorial.
  • From now on, the HUD will be displayed in the correct colours after switching characters back and forth at low health.
  • An issue leading to broken font metrics after scrolling too fast is now fixed.
  • Resizing a container window by its bottom edge is now working as intended.
  • CTRL+left smart-click on the own character does no longer result in an FPS drop.
  • Texts of books and letters are now displayed in a slightly wider window.
  • We fixed some issues causing the client to crash.
  • An issue which sometimes caused the chosen attack mode to reset after switching characters is now fixed.

Have fun,
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