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Feb 07 2017 -

New Features for Tibia 11

ime to add some new features to the Tibia 11 client. With today's client update players will be able to use the following:

Optional sidebars:
You can now add additional sidebars next to your fixed one. On the upper left side of your default sidebar, you will now see two small arrows to open or close a new sidebar. Optional sidebars can be filled with backpack containers, your skill window or your battle list, for example. Please keep in mind that by closing an optional sidebar, all opened containers and windows within this sidebar will be closed as well. The maximum number of sidebars depends on the size of your game window and your screen resolution.

Inspect objects and characters:
You can now inspect takeable objects in Tibia. Just click inspect to receive general information about the item of your choice. Depending on the type of object, you will also receive additional information such as imbuing slots, its capacity or attack and defence values, for example.

Additionally, Tibians can allow other Tibians to inspect both their character and their equipment.
If you want to inspect another character, you have to ask him for permission first. Once the permission was granted, you can see the currently equipped items as well as general information, e.g. the vocation, the level and the current outfit of the character.
You can also allow every Tibia 11 user to inspect your character without asking for permission by enabling "Allow All to Inspect Me" in your general options. Please keep in mind that this setting will apply to all characters and accounts you are using in the Tibia 11 client until it is unchecked again.

VIP groups:
From now on, all Tibia 11 users are able to add characters to the following groups in their VIP list: "Friends", "Enemies" and "Trading Partners". A character can be assigned to different groups at the same time.
Along with these default groups, premium players can create up to 5 additional groups. If a character is not assigned to any group, it will be displayed under "No Group".

Loot channel:
A new channel was added to the Tibia 11 client. As soon as you open it, all messages concerning your loot are going to be sent to this channel. If you decide to close the loot channel, all loot messages will be displayed in the server log again.

Have fun,
Your Community Managers