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Jul 17 2006 -
Changes in Gameplay After the Update
n addition to exciting areas, fearsome creatures, and numerous new quests, the update will also bring changes to make the gameplay more comfortable and more fair for honest players.

Who has not been annoyed at some point by other players who snatch away the bodies of dead creatures to steal their hard-earned loot? Now this is history! From now on, only the character who made the most damage is able to loot the body of a defeated creature within a period of ten seconds after the kill. During this time, it is impossible to move the corpse.
Furthermore, spawn blocking only has an impact on the floor on which the character is standing, while spawns on lower or higher floors will not be affected.

Moreover, all players will find a new element in their skill window showing their character's stamina. This counter indicates the time that is left until a character is too tired to gain experience while hunting. Characters can hunt for up to 56 hours before they no longer gain experience points. However, during the final 14 hours defeated creatures will only yield half the experience. Stamina only regenerates while characters are logged out. For every 2 minutes you are logged off, your character will gain 1 minute added to its stamina. Please note that the stamina time limit is only affected by the actual hunting time during which your character makes experience. Characters who simply train or make runes will not lose stamina. Stamina will make the sharing of accounts less attractive since sharers will lose the advantage to level up a character without any breaks.

The new possibility to shoot runes via the battle window also at players will make aimbots redundant after the update. In addition, the new extended hotkey features will allow you to handle runes and other usable items much more effectively and comfortably. You will even be able to determine whether you would like to use an item placed on a hotkey on yourself, on your target, or to select the affected area via crosshairs.

Finally, our captains now have the ability to talk to more than one customer at the same time. If you speak the magic words "Please bring me to [city]", they will set the sails or prepare the magic carpet and bring you to the place you have asked for, provided you have enough money to pay the fare and a Premium Account. Please note that this will only work if the captain is already talking to another character. No more delays in Tibia's transport system after the update!

On Wednesday, we will continue with our regular update teaser series!

Kind regards,
Your CipSoft Team