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Feb 15 2017 -

Integration of BattlEye into Tibia

ear Tibians, we have an important announcement for you today about a new measure in our constant fight against cheating.

BattlEye, a proactive protection system against cheating that brings along many years of experience, will be integrated into the Tibia 11 and Tibia 10 clients on March 21, 2017.

This day marks the start of a testing phase that mainly focuses on gathering and analysing data to ensure that BattlEye works smoothly and as intended. During this initial phase, BattlEye will not yet actively shield Tibia from cheating so it is likely that you do not yet experience significant changes of the botting situation ingame. Nevertheless, a few cheats, unauthorised tools and applications may already be blocked and stop working then as a side-effect of the technical integration of BattlEye.
BattlEye will be activated once it meets our quality standards and has been adapted to our needs. It will then help us in our aim to prevent cheating from happening in Tibia. Of course, you will be informed about this activation as soon as we can provide you with a reliable date.

Due to the integration of BattlEye, the BattlEye End-User License Agreement needs to be added to the Tibia Service Agreement which you have to accept before downloading a Tibia client from our website. These documents describe the terms and conditions under which you may use the client and access and play Tibia. The expanded Tibia Service Agreement including the BattlEye End-User License Agreement will become effective on March 21, 2017, but you can already check it here.

We have also compiled an FAQ to answer some of the questions you probably have and to provide you with more information about BattlEye and what this new anti-cheating measure entails.

See you in Tibia!
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