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Aug 01 2006 -
Major Game Update 7.8
inally, the waiting is over and we proudly present this year's summer update!

A trip by ship to our newest area, the Shattered Isles, is surely worth its money. South of the main continent, the 12 islands await the brave adventurer to pass challenging missions, to defeat gruesome monsters and to solve tricky riddles. Friendly and peaceful are the inhabitants of the beautiful seaport Liberty Bay. Rather harmless creatures such as frogs, tortoises and toads await you on the Laguna Islands. But beware of the fierce pirates that are said to resident on an island in the North. Widely travelled sailors also tell stories of an amphibian race called the quara that cause mayhem and destruction during raids on Liberty Bay. Also some strange voodoo cult seems to have an outpost on one of the isles.

Again several anti-cheat features have been introduced to the game. Stamina will make account sharing less attractive, monsters can only be looted by the character who made the most damage in the first 10 seconds after the kill or by his party members, and runes can be aimed at other characters also via the battle list now. Moreover, the Tibian captains have gained a new ability. Whenever they are already talking to somebody, they will bring you promptly to your destination if you speak the magic words: Please bring me to [city]. In the corresponding options sections, you have now the possibility to display the level of a character in the console and to determine the brightness of your ambience. Finally, item handling will be much more efficient and comfortable with our improved hotkey feature that allows you to assign also objects to a hotkey.

Last but not least, all characters have received new clothes. Premium players can now choose from 15 unique outfits. However, some of them have to be earned by solving tricky quests. Moreover, each outfit can be upgraded by earning so-called addons. Those are special accessories that premium players can obtain in tough tasks. But not only outfits have been revamped. New graphics can be found everywhere in Tibia. To name but a few, there are newly designed sheep, a revised stove and an over-worked beholder shield.

The update patch will download automatically when you log into the game. If you should encounter any problems, you can alternatively download the new client 7.8 from this website.

Enjoy the update!
Your CipSoft Team

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