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Apr 11 2017 -

Tibia 10 Client Outdated and Unsupported

ibia 11 is the recommended official standard client to play Tibia. Since its release in October 2016, the client has been constantly improved and new features have been added. Naturally, we will continue to optimise the client and add more cool stuff to enhance your Tibia experience.

As you probably know, our goal is to offer one client for all players, the Tibia 11 client. Thus, we are working towards removing the previous stand-alone client, Tibia 10, and also the Tibia Flash client. We already stopped the official support of Tibia 10 back in October 2016. There is no exact date yet when Tibia 10 will be discontinued but before long, it will not be possible anymore to log in and play via this obsolete client. As a first step, the Linux version of Tibia 10 has been discontinued as of today. Furthermore, various messages and warnings have been added to Tibia 10 to make its users aware of the client's outdated and unsupported state. In addition, the download section has been updated to reflect this as well.

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