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May 05 2017 -

Contest: How Thais Received its Name!

et's go back all the way to the beginning, when there was only one settlement in Tibia. Thais. Officially named after a direct descendant of Banor, who defended the settlement bravely against hordes of orcs.
However, new information has reached us, and there is now reason to believe that the naming of the city might have something to do with predatory sea snails, also referred to as Thais.

Now we are confused and we need your help!

It is writing time, Tibians! Wrack your brains and let us know in a short story of 200 words at the max how you think Thais received its name. Submit your story in the comment thread to this news until May 8, 10:00 CEST. You can write whatever you like, use roleplay style or make up hard reality facts - write funny or very seriously. You can even submit your idea as a poem, if you prefer. You need to refer to the sea snail idea, though.

We three community managers will each select five stories that we like. The authors of these 15 stories will each receive a CM Token and a deepling backpack filled with a couple of sea items as a keepsake of this contest. These items will be sent to the character the story was submitted with.

There is more...

From these 15 selected ideas, you will determine the best three stories in a poll on the website from May 12 till May 19.

750 Tibia Coins will go to the author of the winner story, 500 Tibia Coins will go to the second place, and 250 Tibia Coins will go to the third place. These Tibia Coins are non-transferable, meaning that the winners can spend them themselves in the Store freely. In addition, the stories will be published in next month's featured article.

Now it is up to you. How did Thais receive its name? You can submit as many ideas as you like, however, each account can only be in the final selection with one story.

We are curious about your ideas!
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