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Jun 13 2017 -

There Is More To It

espite his research, Tibicus had found only vague indications concerning the existence of "Misguided", the elvish radical split-off "Barkless" and the cult of "Aeterna Exsistentia".

Nevertheless, he was sure there was more to those rumours.

He needed to talk to Gerimor again. The druid seemed to have greater knowledge about these cults and Tibicus had to know everything. He had come across sinister implications that further cults and their members were hiding in different places in Tibia.

If what he had found out were to be true, it would mean that orcs, minotaurs even other humans had recently formed their own cults and made abandoned ancient ruins and caves their new home. Plotting in secret against the Tibian world as we know it.

And unfortunately, Gerimor confirmed his theories. According to the druid there were at least four other secret cults. 

It is time to shine, our race shall rise again! With his power and might on our side, we can rule the world and recapture our strength and honour! 
More! More! I want more! This is not enough! It will never be enough! I don't care if I need it or not! Oh, all the wealth, all the gold, all the glamour! It's all mine!

More ... Power ... Must crush skulls ... Drink it! Drink it all! Yes, that's good! Unleash  pure uncontrollable strength! Carnage will be beautiful!
Society ... those ignorant cowards ... Who are they to judge? No, no, it is time for us to teach them a lesson! We will regain the respect and power we deserve! Whatever the cost and risk!