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Jun 27 2017 -

Revamped Spells and Mighty Summons

ew spells are coming to Tibia with this year's summer update!

Fearless knights can now gain and retain the full attention of all surrounding monsters! Casting the revamped Challenge spell helps the mighty warriors to protect their remaining party members from incoming monsters over an extended time frame.

Shooting Diamond Arrows allows a Paladin not only to directly hit an opponent but also its surrounding area. Better make sure that you are not standing within the two square radius of this ammunition when it hits its target! 
If you want to take out one specific enemy, you may be better advised to use the Spectral Bolts. Their high single target damage makes you the perfect sniper and may come in handy in a lot of dicey situations.

Sorcerers can now conjure a Wand of Darkness! Not only does the wand deal high death damage to your enemies, it also increases your magic level. The additional magic levels make the devastating death ball even stronger!

Last but not least, every vocation can now call up its very own powerful summon:

According to ancient stories, Skullfrost originated from the freezing depths of the Ice Islands. A long time ago, a brave and noble warrior lost his life on the battlefields of the Ice islands but was resurrected by an unknown force to guard and protect honourable Tibian elite knights from evil creatures and malicious influences. Skullfrost conserved the power of ice and death within his floating and fragile body, making him an ice-cold killer, an unstoppable guardian without mercy. 

Once held prisoner in the Pits of Infero, Emberwing is thirsting after revenge and retaliation. Granted immense power by a divine force, a deadly mixture of the elements of holy and fire literally burns within this creature's heart. Scarred by its time in captivity, Emberwing has decided to support the royal paladins with its devastating attacks. To strengthen their bond both have sworn eternal fidelity to each other and have promised to erase every evil creature from the lands of Tibia.

Rumours have it that Grovebeast's ancestors were the very first of Mother Nature’s creations. Unifying all wondrous abilities and forces of Tibia's flora and fauna, the beast might even be the source of all living animals. Grovebeast represents the strong bond of elder druids with nature. Its wooden body is protected by an impenetrable layer of dense foliage making it able to withstand any evil force trying to damage the bond. Protecting its master, it uses powerful earth spells or causes deep bleeding wounds with its horns.

Thundergiant originated from a group of stone golems who tried to climb Kha'zeel, one of the most challenging and dangerous mountain faces known to mankind. Only one of them was strong enough to master the mountain, negotiate narrow passages through sheer cliffs, and avoid the sudden, sweeping avalanches. When he finally reached the top his body was struck by a mysterious bolt of lightning. Even though Thundergiant was now granted an endless supply of energy, he was unable to control it. Only with the help of the master sorcerer was he finally able to bear his power.

Furthermore, we would like to inform you that we refrained from implementing the second wind spell to the game due to our players' feedback.
We have prepared a detailed announcement with all recent stats and information concerning the above presented spells.

Please keep in mind that the provided information might still be subject to change. You will be able to test the spells on the upcoming test server!

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