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Jun 22 2017 -

Retro Hardcore PvP

brutal and unrestricted PvP environment sparks your excitement? You enjoy the thrill of a harsh death penalty? You are looking for a greater challenge than Retro Open PvP?
Step forward, warriors of Tibia: Retro Hardcore PvP worlds will be launched this summer to bring you pure adrenaline rush!
In a nutshell, the three key aspects of Retro Hardcore PvP are: Retro Open PvP rule set without skull system, XP for player killing and a harsher death penalty.

The setting: Retro Open PvP Without Skull System

The PvP setting will basically be that of Retro Open PvP but without a skull system. This means you will be able to induldge in unlimited player killing.
Also, there will be no fair fight rules, no Twist of Fate blessing and no differently coloured PvP frames. Check the Auditorium for further details on Retro Hardcore PvP's rule set.

The reward: XP for Player Killing

As an incentive to kill other players on Retro Hardcore PvP worlds, you can gain experience for a frag:

  • You will gain experience if you kill a character whose level multiplied with 1.1 and rounded down to the next whole number is higher than your own level, e.g. a level 40 will only get experience if his opponent is level 38 or higher.
  • The amount of experience you will gain is capped:
    • For level 50 and above, the maximum amount of experience you can gain per kill is limited to 200% of your character's current total experience points.
    • Below 50, the maximum amount of experience you can gain per kill is limited to 25% of your current character's experience points.
  • Only your first five kills of the same player during a server cycle (usually time period between two server saves) will grant you experience. Moreover, the amount of experience you gain gets reduced by 10% with each kill.
  • Additional info on XP for player killing is available in the designated thread.

The challenge: Harsher Death Penalty

The feedback we received from players interested in a hard and unforgiving PvP environment, especially after the introduction of two new blessings earlier this year, encouraged us to go one step further than originally planned. A constant sense of danger is crucial for Retro Hardcore PvP. It makes your heart rate go through the roof before you strike a sneak attack, it has your palms sweating and your mind racing as you enter the fray.
So in order to foster the thrill and challenge of Retro Hardcore PvP, the death penalty will be raised by 16% on these worlds.

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