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Jun 29 2017 -

One System to Imbue Them All

t is time to reduce the different methods to strengthen your weapons and equipment with temporary effects. Therefore, we will disable both the enchanting and the charging systems and incorporate most of the affected items into our imbuing system.

With the exception of "Firewalker Boots", "Werewolf Helmet", "Helmet of the Ancients" and "Rainbow Shield", all former enchantable and chargeable weapons will be equipped with imbuement slots. Already enchanted and charged weapons will expire by no later than server save on August 25 and will return to their basic form.

Furthermore, you will no longer be able to enchant gems, however, the loot of several monsters can contain enchanted gems which can be used to enchant the above mentioned exceptions.

This does not necessarily mean that enchanted and charged weapons will completely vanish from Tibia. NPC Cillia is going to sell replications of those weapons for 500 gold each in the exhibition in Thais. Even though they are much weaker stats-wise, their sprites still make nice deco elements to impress your guests, for example.

The four elemental shrines are going to have a different purpose after the summer update. Gold tokens can be used to purchase creature products needed for the vampirism, the void or the strike imbuement from NPC Yana and if you want to sell your gems, the local jewellery traders are happy to buy them.

To the imbuing stations!
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