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Aug 01 2017 -

Tibia 11 Fixes and Content Changes

mong others, we have fixed the following issues in the Tibia 11 client:

  • You can now set a hotkey to open the Compendium.
  • You can now set a hotkey to open the Reward Wall.
  • FPS drops while using the action bars have been reduced.
  • Minor visual changes have been made in the Loot Analyser to display high numbers of looted items properly.
  • An issue causing your character's stamina to completely refill under certain circumstances, is now fixed.

Additionally, we have implemented some content changes with today's server save:

  • The 999 door is now back in the game.
  • We fixed an issue preventing free account characters to wear the Entrepreneur outfit and to use the Steelbeak or the Crimson Ray mount.
  • The charms of the two new enhanced blessings can now be traded in the market.
  • Some NPC issues and typos were fixed.
  • From now on, monsters no longer drop the "energy spike sword".

Enjoy the game,
Your Community Managers