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Nov 03 2006 -
Fate Awaits You ... This Christmas!
ime has buried many secrets.

Some wonders have been lost to the world and so have some horrors. But some secrets are too dark and too powerful to be buried and silenced by the sands of time forever. Some secrets will not have mercy upon the world and will stay engraved in the minds forever. Some mysteries are so persistent that they will eventually resurface. Some will do so almost unnoticed, others will choose a way that cannot be ignored.

Things that turned into legends will become reality once more. What once was seen as superstition will eventually become true. What once was accepted as solid knowledge will be proven wrong. Paths will be opened and mysteries solved. Tragedies and heroic deeds of the past will be revealed by daring explorers. Long lost artefacts and forgotten knowledge will be claimed by the cunning and the brave. History will be revealed and new history will be written.

Be prepared for a time of secrets and exploration. Claim your place in history!

Be prepared for the Christmas Update!
Your CipSoft Team