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Aug 16 2017 -

Flash Client Outdated, Minimap Import and Fixes

lash Client Outdated:

As many of you know, the Tibia 11 client is the recommended client to play Tibia. While it is already impossible to play with the Flash client on game worlds that are actively shielded by BattlEye, we have now decided to stop the official support for the Flash client altogether and mark it as outdated. This means that there will be no specific bug fixes for the Flash client any longer and no new features will be developed for it. Similar to the Tibia 10 client various warnings and messages have been added to the Flash client to raise the awareness of its remaining users.

Tibia 11 Minimap Import:

We have added a new import feature, which enables users of the now outdated Flash client to import their minimap data to the Tibia 11 client.
To import your minimap from the Flash client, please scroll down to the bottom of your account management page on the website and open the "Migration Tool".
Click on "Export Minimap" and follow the instructions.
After you have successfully saved your minimap data on your computer, start your Tibia 11 client and open the help options. 
Click on "Flash Map" to import your minimap data to your Tibia 11 client.
Keep in mind that already existing minimap data will be erased if you import your minimap from the Flash client.

There are also new buttons to import your hotkeys and minimap files from the Tibia 10 client. Usually, the Tibia 11 client automatically imports all necessary data from the Tibia 10 client upon your first log in. If you encounter difficulties during this process, those buttons can be used to manually import the needed files. Please keep in mind that already existing hotkey settings or minimap data will be deleted during the import process.

Changes and Fixes:

We have fixed many minor NPC and map issues with today's server save. There have been general minor changes as well. For example:

  • Pharaoh Outfit is now properly positioned.
  • The "vampire signet ring" can now be equipped.
  • The imbuement slots on the items "rain coat" and "nevermourn" have been removed.
  • We fixed a display issue in the kill statistics of Zamulosh.
  • An issue, which listed monsters as summons of other players in the character death list is now fixed.
  • Small fixes concerning the "Forgotten Knowledge" and the "First Dragon" questline.

Last but not least, we have improved the visibility of the download link for our Tibia 11 client on the homepage and in your account management.

Have a nice time in Tibia!
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