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Aug 17 2017 -

Dev Note: Exiva on Optional PvP Game Worlds

n the beginning of August, we conducted a survey concering power abuse on Optional PvP game worlds. Several thousand randomly selected players who have a character of a certain level on an Optional PvP game world had been invited to participate. The vast majority of these players confirmed that power abuse is indeed a problem there and that the spell exiva is contributing to the problem, at least to a certain extent. Many players opted for a change concerning this spell in the survey, either for a complete removal, or at least for restrictions to it.

So we have decided to work on a way to allow players to restrict exiva on Optional PvP game worlds and would like to present this to you in a dev note in the Auditorium.

There are no changes planned concerning exiva on any other game world types, please keep this in mind.

We would really appreciate your feedback and have prepared a set of questions for you. Please help us by posting your answers in the designated thread until August 24, 10:00 CEST.

Looking forward to your comments!
Your Community Managers



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