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Nov 10 2006 -
A New Home for Santa's Little Helpers
etting you have a tiny peek into this year's Christmas update on last Friday, we will start our official teasers with this news. Today and on the following Fridays, we will spoil some of the secrets that await you this Christmas.

This year Santa has made a present for his little elfish helpers. Since nature left its marks on the wooden walls of the evergreen elven city Ab'dendriel, Santa decided that it is high time to restore all buildings there. The decayed walls have been replaced by new solid tree walls which can be embellished by Premium players with family pictures, colourful tapestries, fancy cuckoo clocks or shiny mirrors. The awesome new tree houses impress particularly with their knothole windows and their terrific roofs decorated with gnarled roots, grass mats and exotic plants. Also the old planks of the bridges have been refurbished. Finally, when it gets dark and you look very closely, you might spot one of the little fireflies that Santa has left in this area to brighten the gloomy sky at night-time.

For screenshots of the revamped Ab'dendriel have a look at our supported fansites.

Have fun in Tibia!
Your CipSoft Team