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Sep 11 2017 -

Merge of Special Game Worlds

ibians, as you know, we try to address shifts of player population by merging low populated worlds together.

However, some of the game worlds with the lowest population numbers have not been merged so far since there were no adequate merge partners for these worlds:

  • Aurora and Aurera (preview worlds)
  • Calva and Calvera ("free-to-move" worlds)
  • Inferna and Dolera (Hardcore PvP worlds)

The communities of these worlds have been shrinking for years now. They have reached such a low number that we can no longer postpone action. After careful consideration, we have decided to merge them in the following way on October 11, 2017, at the earliest:

  • Regardless of their differing PvP types, Calva, Inferna and Aurora will be merged into the newly created world Zuna. The PvP type is yet to be decided.
  • Likewise, Calvera, Dolera and Aurera will be merged into the newly created world Zunera. The PvP type is yet to be decided.
  • Zuna and Zunera will receive the label experimental. This means that we may conduct occasional technical tests and experiments on these worlds but there will be no preview phases anymore.
  • After the merger, it will be possible to move characters from any game world type to Zuna and Zunera. Please note, though, that transferring characters away from Zuna and Zunera will be impossible!
  • Please also check the additional information we have provided in the Auditorium.

With all six game worlds, we tried to do something new back when we launched them. However, not every endeavour turns out a success in the long run. We fully understand that this solution may be a bitter pill to swallow if you are affected by this merger. We sincerely apologise for having to put you into the situation of being merged with game worlds that are different from your world's setting and PvP type.

Kind regards,
Your Community Managers

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