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Sep 19 2017 -

Special Vouchers for Express World Transfer

n response to the feedback we received on the special merge that was announced last week, we have decided to give all affected characters from Calva, Calvera, Inferna, and Dolera a voucher for an Express Character World Transfer.

A voucher has now been assigned to every existing character on one of these four worlds. You can use them via your account management page. These vouchers allow players to move the character in question to another game world before the special merge takes place. After the special merge into Zuna and Zunera, transferring characters away from there will be impossible.


  • These vouchers have to be used before October 24, 2017. Any unused special vouchers will be removed with the server save (10:00 CEST) on October 24.
  • The regular transfer conditions of an Express Character World Transfer apply. This also includes transfer restrictions for characters that once moved to Calva or Calvera: The PvP type of the game world on which a character was created determines where it can be transferred to.
  • The special merge into Zuna and Zunera will take place on October 26, at the earliest. This means it will happen about week after the regular game world merges which is currently scheduled for October 19.

The PvP type of Zuna and Zunera is yet to be decided. A survey about this matter will be conducted among inhabitants of the affected game worlds in the course of this week.

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