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Nov 17 2006 -
Solve New Mysteries!
ll hell breaks loose this Christmas! Be there when an ancient mystery is finally solved, only to find that the world of Tibia is threatened by dark powers rising from dreary depths and bottomless abysses! Unravel the secrets of this underworld and find out the terrible truth behind many old rumours and legends. All players with a Premium Account will be able to fully explore these mystical places known from books and long-forgotten tales and embark on an epic quest filled with hidden dangers and deadly new enemies, but also with untold treasures.

Moreover, a position of honour will be awarded to those who manage to find the way to the old hideout of an ancient, almost forgotten order. This task is not easy, but everybody that is smart and strong enough to survive this dangerous and gruelling journey proves himself worthy to join their ranks. Then, it will be up to you to decide which side you will join. Your destiny is in your hands, so choose wisely!

Prepare for your destiny!
Your CipSoft Team