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Dec 01 2006 -
Creepy New Monsters
oday we would like to introduce you to some of the numerous new monsters roaming the newly discovered dungeons! You did not expect rats and rabbits to guard the untold treasures of this place, did you? It is said that many of the new monsters have risen directly from hell. The dark torturer and the destroyer both depend on their bulging muscles with which they can easily crush a man's head. The wicked plaguesmiths depend on a more cowardly tactic, bringing plagues and diseases to the world of the humans. And look at the fearsome hellhound! It is said that its fearsome fangs command respect even from mighty demons.

And there are even worse creatures! Other creatures that are not even from this plane. Nightmares are distorted demons feeding on the dreams of mortals. Lost souls, spectres and betrayed wraiths are mighty undead who have returned to the world of the living to bring horror and pain. More fearsome still is the undead dragon. Those who are already afraid of living dragons are well advised to flee from their undead cousins, as these hideous abominations are even deadlier. Blightwalkers, on the other hand, have never even been living creatures. They are the grotesque creation of demons distilled from the very essence of death, plague and decay. Finally, the hand of cursed fate, another bizarre demonic creature, rushes to attack on its nimble fingers. But beware, if you are caught by these vicious hands you are sure to be crushed to a pile of bones.

If you think you can dare to see them with your own eyes, you can consult the supported fansites for visualisations of some of these creatures.

Sharpen your blades!
Your CipSoft Team