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Nov 24 2006 -
Awesome New Game Features
n this week's update teaser we would like to introduce some of the new game features that will make your life in Tibia even more enjoyable.

You do not remember if your druid has already passed the desert quest? Just take a look in your new quest log! Here you can find information about which quests your character has already solved or at which point of a quest he has stopped.

Every character receives its own personal bank account! Now you can deposit, withdraw or transfer your hard-earned money in any city! Rents and the money for auctions will also be taken from the bank account, making it much easier to manage your character's finances. As a consequence, all characters that own houses should deposit their money in their new bank accounts as soon as the update has been launched to make sure that the rent will be paid.
Also, if you bid for a house, you need to have enough money in your bank account to pay for your highest bid and the first rent. This money will not be accessible until the auction is over or somebody outbids you, so auction spoiling is history! Please note, however, that you must be logged off to be able to bid for the house of your dreams. Finally, please note that beginning with December 5th no new house auctions can be started until the update has been completed. Of course, any existing auctions can be completed normally.

Characters on Rookgaard will be happy to hear that the Tibian bank has also opened a branch on their island. Moreover, Rookgaard will obtain its own trade channel! From now on, all characters without a vocation will only have access to the Rookgaard trade channel, while characters with a vocation can only open the regular trade channel.

Premium players will be happy about several changes concerning houses. You will finally be able to completely decorate your house to your liking. With the exception of beds, all permanent furniture such as ovens or bookcases has been removed. Instead, you can buy them in your local furniture shops and set them up wherever you want to. Moreover, the times of unwanted trash in houses are finally over. All houses have been equipped with shutters which can be opened and closed from inside.

Finally, the Royal Tibian Mail has improved its service again. All writeable documents will now have a timestamp to indicate the last time they have been edited.

Have fun in Tibia!
Your CipSoft Team