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Oct 20 2017 -

Tibian Shortnews - Coryms and Were-Sickness

ibian Shortnews - First Edition - Autumn 2017

Tibian Shortnews       All Essentials at a Glance


Bloody power struggles in the depths of Grimvale!
Rumours have it that the current leaders of the were-creatures are being challenged by mighty opponents trying to subjugate their race. 

Reader's letters

Jose Legbreaker, 54, Edron: Anyone else noticed an increased amount of ululations at night? I already reported night time disturbances back when the noises started coming from Grimvale on a regular basis. I can deal with some howling every now and then but come on, every night?!

Micky Mows, 23, Venore: I cannot imagine that those poor coryms are satisfied with their current situation! They told me that they need to go deeper into the mines to dig for rare ore but I believe none of them even has a breathing protection! I bet that is why they looked so scared and cowed!

Iron Ore on the Rise

The prices for ore have skyrocketed! The actual reasons are yet to be identified. Supervisor Corym Ratter is extremely dissatisfied: "We are drilling more and more shafts but the returns are decreasing. Our clients are still satisfied and that's all that matters but I fear the day they change their mind."
Ratter did not want to comment on questions regarding poor working conditions and the increased numbers of burn injuries and heat strokes.


Different were-creatures have been spotted outside of Grimvale's quarantine zone at night times!

It seems like the plague is taking over! Avoid contact with wild animals at all costs!

Job Advertisements

Maeryn is hiring construction builders. Candidates should be able to build barricades strong enough to withstand razor-sharp claws and fangs.

Tibicus, a strong and handsome knight is looking for job offers. Any profit made during hunts has to be donated to the "Save the Hat" charity.

Those Below are looking for victims to torture and enslave. Requirements: Low self-esteem, subdominant character, no union membership.

CORYM RATTER offers you a long-term career in the mines! Be part of a pledged community and experience a wonderful working atmosphere!

LLoyd, is looking for a job in the fashion industry: "I was already wearing a pan on the head before it was cool!"

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