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Dec 07 2006 -
Deck the Halls
ith this week's update teaser, we want to awake the Christmas spirit in you.

This year, you will have more than Christmas trees and candy canes to embellish your houses and flats. Visit your local furniture store and say Christmas to find out about this season's offers. Christmas branches make a beautiful table decoration. Get colourful gift wrappings to personalise the presents for your beloved ones. Wreaths and garlands will certainly add Christmas flair into the Tibian cities. Send Christmas cards to the people important in your life.
Like every Christmas season, Santa Claus hands out presents, among them a cute new santa doll. This year, Santa's supply of rarer items like teddybears, dolls, piggy banks and the new santa dolls is larger in the premium areas. Therefore, we recommend that all players with a Premium Account ask Santa Claus for a present in a premium city.

Still, there are more festivities to celebrate in Tibia. Wall decoration in the form of bats and skeletons can be bought at stores during the Halloween season. Since parties and birthdays are celebrated throughout the whole year, the Tibian bakery has finally made public the recipe for baking cake. Just add fruits and a candle to create a real party cake.

So send out invitations and celebrate your Christmas party in a nicely decorated atmosphere!

Have fun in Tibia!
Your CipSoft Team