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Dec 12 2006 -
Major Game Update 7.9
ime to unwrap your first Christmas present! We proudly present this year's Christmas update!

Ab'dendriel appears in a new look this Christmas. Solid tree walls, knothole windows and terrific roofs decorated with gnarled roots, grass mats and exotic plants now dominate the appearance of the elfish city.
In addition to a revised Ab'dendriel, challenging new quests await the brave adventurer in Tibia. Strength is needed to defeat the many new horrid monsters. Still, this will not be enough to obtain the immense treasures that await you in the new mysterious dungeons. Cleverness is needed to solve the tricky riddles that await those who dare to take on these new missions. In case you have lost track of the quests you have already started, take a look in your all new quest log. Here you find also information about tasks you have already completed.

Moreover, global bank accounts have been introduced which can be used to deposit and transfer money. Also, all rents and the money for house auctions will be debited directly from your bank account in the future. For this reason it is important that all players that own a house, deposit money at the bank to make sure that the rent for their houses will be paid. However, for all those who are already on Christmas holidays, a transitional period of 3 weeks has been implemented in which the rent can still be paid.

Finally, ovens and most of the immobile furniture has been removed from the houses. Don't worry, though, as they can still be bought in your local furniture store. All windows in private houses have received shutters which can be closed, so there will be no more unwanted trash in your nicely decorated homes. Speaking about decoration, numerous new Christmas decorations like garlands, wreaths and branches have been added to the game to embellish the Tibian cities. Personalise your gifts by using colourful wrappings and by writing Christmas cards. Moreover, you can bake delicious cakes now whenever a festivity takes place in Tibia.
Of course, Santa Claus visits all Tibian cities this year. However, the chance to get one of the rarer items like a santa doll, a teddybear or a piggy bank is higher in the premium areas.

The update patch will download automatically when you log into the game. If you should encounter any problems, you can alternatively download the new client 7.9 from this website.

Enjoy the update!
Your CipSoft Team