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Nov 23 2017 -

Important Changes during the Test Server Phase

he test for this year's winter update has recently come to an end.
We would like to thank everyone who provided us with feedback, suggestions and concerns, which inspired our development and content teams to implement additional features, tweaks and changes during the testing phase.

Therefore, we would like to give you a quick overview of the most important changes.

Quick Looting

  • We implemented a Skipped Loot and an Accepted Loot list. Each list can hold up to 500 entries.
  • Skipped Loot: Items on that list will not be looted via Loot All.
  • Accepted Loot: Only items on that list will be looted via Loot All.
  • Both lists only work for players with premium status.
  • Open an item's context menu and click on Add to Loot List to add the item to your activated list.
  • Furthermore, a new option allows Classic Control users to choose between left click, right click or SHIFT+right click to quick loot a creature.

Bestiary & Charms

  • We added a search function to the Bestiary.
  • Very rare items are now unlockable. If you have looted such an item from a monster, it will be displayed once you have completed the corresponding Bestiary entry.
  • Offensive and defensive charms have a 10% trigger chance now.
  • Damage reflected by the Parry charm now ignores the monster's resistances and is only affected by the monster's armour.

Of Destruction & Umbral Weapons

  • We increased the stats of the wand and the rod of destruction. Both weapons now have +2 magic level and a range of 4.
  • Umbral master weapons can be imbued with intricate and powerful imbuements. In return, the total amount of imbuement slots of each umbral master weapon got reduced by 1.

Kill Tasks

  • Getting points through kill assists is only possible if you are in a party with the killer AND if shared XP is active.
  • Kill assists are now sufficient in every task or mission for which your character's personal kill count of a specific creature is relevant.


  • We do not want to spoil any quest details, therefore, we will keep it short and simple: Based on the feedback we received during the test server, we optimised several parts of the new quests. Same goes for new monsters and bosses.
  • Furthermore, we tweaked the stats of items that will be introduced with the winter update.

Again, thank you very much for your feedback and we hope you will enjoy the upcoming winter update!

More information about its launch date will follow in due time.
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