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Dec 05 2017 -

Winter Update 2017

he winter update has been released! Time to follow-up on the most important features and changes that await you in Tibia from now on.

Gnomes and dwarfs are striving against those below! Yet, the malicious servants are growing stronger and stronger. Prove yourself worthy and join the battle to enter a total of three new warzones. In there, the true power of twisted monsters rotten to the core and devious bosses awaits you!

Another great danger is threatening the inhabitants of Edron and Cormaya! Learn more about the contagious were-sickness and prevent it from spreading further into Tibia! Look out for hints and find the cure, but be careful, those bloodthirsty were-creatures come with razor sharp claws and fangs.

Do not forget to look for poor Coryms that have been enslaved and sent into the deepest mines to dig for rare minerals. Their eternal gratefulness will be your reward if you are able to free them from their oppressors!

All players are now able to use the new Quick Looting option Loot All, which allows you to loot all items from a monster's body with a single click. Premium players can additionally use the Loot Click function. Furthermore, they can activate a definable loot container structure to sort their loot automatically and use lists to make the Loot All function more granular.

Another cool feature is the container position saving, which enables the client to reopen all your widgets and backpacks at the same position whenever you log in again.

A new imbuement has been added as well. From now on, you can imbue your equipped backpack with a featherweight imbuement and thereby raise your character's capacity by a certain percentage. 
Speaking of imbuements, umbral and master umbral weapons can now be enhanced with imbuements too!
Besides that, all weapons "of Mayhem/Remedy/Carving" have been transformed to new "of Destruction" weapons and points for kill tasks can now be gained through kill assists if you are in a party with the killer and if shared XP is active.

The new Bestiary contains a lot of information about all kind of different creatures in Tibia. The more creatures you kill, the more details will be revealed. Gain Charm Points by completing a creature's entry and use them to unlock rare charms.

You can find additional changes and features in our news about the most important changes during the test server.

We hope you all enjoy the winter update and have a wonderful time in Tibia!
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