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Jan 08 2007 -
Tibia Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary
t is now 10 years that the first brave warriors set foot on the lands of Tibia. What the first adventurers have seen when they started to explore the new world and what kind of challenges they had to master is almost forgotten nowadays. Well, one thing is certain: Tibia has changed much over the last 10 years.

To give you an idea on how the first settlers walked through life in those early years, we went down into our cellars, digged deeply in our archives and finally found some historical books in our library. Once cleaned from the dust of ages, those precious books took us on a journey back in time - a journey that brought back quite a lot of memories.

In the beginning, there was one only one game server called Tibia. The world itself consisted of an island with its capital Thais, back then nothing more than a small village. Still, it was very hard to get in contact with your fellow adventurers. With the VIP-list not being discovered yet, a not so effective way to find out if your friends were online was to cry out their names loudly. This was called “broadcast”. The same applied for your enemies, but of course in those cases it was rather recommended to check the ‘Who-is-online’ list on the website first.
War and death have always been a part of Tibia and will always be. However, waging a war in former times meant something completely different. Death was much more expensive than it is today. Death meant the complete loss of all your belongings and experience points. Although, the loss of experience points had been reduced very soon, the absence of depots could turn a rich man into a beggar within seconds. All your items had to be carried around all the time, which was not only heavy but also highly risky.

As more and more people wanted to explore Tibia, the gods were forced to act. They enlarged the island, founded new cities like Kazordoon, Carlin and Ab’Dendriel and finally even created a parallel game world, similar to the first one. From that day on, the old game world received the name ‘Antica’, the new one was named ‘Nova’. Many other game worlds were to follow.

Another important aspect of Tibia has always been the trade sector. Nowadays, thousands of transactions are carried out every day and most of the time to the content of both the buyer and the seller. This has not always been this way. Imagine you want to buy a pair of knight legs and all you can rely upon is a handshake with the seller and a promise, that he will ‘definitely, absolutely sure, no doubt about it’ hand over the legs, after you - ‘Sorry, but money first’ – gave him all your savings. People get killed for less! The blessing of the safe trade system spared many lives.

Most obvious are the changes of Tibia's graphical design. This applies both to the client and the world we are living in. The last summer update already brought the 7th title screen in Tibian history.
As Tibia grew older, literally every plant, every object and every monster developed a more sophisticated and refurbished look. Also the dress code was much stricter than today as the adventurers all looked quite alike. Only the colour of their clothing was different.
Tibia has its own miracle of evolution. One could say that today the average scarab looks better than the hottest looking knight of former times.

The main continent soon got too small for the ever-growing number of adventurers. Luckily, the birth of a completely new and revolutionary concept lead to a huge enlargement of the Tibian world: public transport via ship or flying carpet was developed for every person who was willing to pay a small fee. Brave explorers were now able to set the sails and to discover multiple islands, foreign towns and strange new regions.

And just a few days ago, a clever researcher from Thais had another great idea: He invented the bank account.

Tibia has definitely grown up over the last 10 years. It has been a long way from the small village Thais to the mighty world which is currently populated by more than 250,000 adventurers. Much has changed and most of the things that are taken for granted nowadays had to be invented, tried out and of course accepted by the community. Actually, many concepts that have been introduced are based on ideas from our community.

This is the time to thank you all for your loyalty and passion over the last 10 years. All that we can do is to give Tibia a technical framework and to plant some seeds, but it is you, our community who is filling it with life. Every event, every guild hunt and every character contributes to make Tibia the fascinating experience it is today. Thank you so much. To show our gratitude we are giving away 1000 free 3-months Premium Accounts in the lottery in our community section. Good luck to all participants!

We are looking forward to the years to come…

Enjoy the party!
Your CipSoft Team