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Jan 18 2018 -

Dev Note: Cyclopedia Map & Portal System

re you ready for the first dev note in 2018? 

In this dev note we would like to inform you about our first ideas and hear what you think about it.

We would like to integrate a world map into the Cyclopedia, where you can unlock detailed information about different areas and NPCs.

In addition to the map, we have been thinking about a new portal system that allows faster travel within a certain area. Those portals need to be activated first by using special items and can then, for a certain amount of gold, be traversed to reach certain places more quickly. 

Please read through the dev note for more information and details and take a look at the mockup pictures in the corresponding announcement to get a better impression of the Cyclopedia Map. 

Afterwards, please answer the questions provided in the first comment. 
The dev note is going to be active till January 22, 10:00 CET.

We are looking forward to your comments,
Your Community Managers

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