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Mar 13 2018 -

New Store Interface, Mounts and Features

ith today's update the Store received a new interface. Similar to the Options menu, the Store now offers a better structure and layout.

In addition to a search function and new sorting options, you now also have the possibility to let your character try out all available outfits and mounts in a preview function. You can even see how your character's movement would look like in the game with the outfit and mount of your choice. Check out the updated Compendium entry to find out more about the new Store design.

Three new mounts have been added to the Store as well! 
For centuries, humans and monsters have dumped their garbage in the swamps around Venore. The combination of old, rusty weapons, stale mana and broken runes have turned some of the swamp dwellers into gigantic frogs. Benefit from those mutations and make the Marsh Toad, the Sanguine Frog, and the Toxic Toad faithful mounts for your adventures even beyond the bounds of the swamp.

Apart from the redesign of the Store, we also adjusted the way the scavenge charm works. From now on, this charm also increases the chances of successfully dusting vampires or demons.

Last but not least, we added a new function to the prey system. If you have selected a lucrative monster as prey, you can now activate "Automatic Bonus Reroll". This means that the respective bonus is always rerolled up just before the time runs out and the lucrative monster remains. Keep in mind, this only works as long as you have enough bonus rerolls in stock.

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