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Apr 04 2018 -

Limerick's on the way!

n April 1, we had started a quick contest. For 24 hours a feedback form was available, in which we had asked you to submit a short limerick that should refer to Santa and Easter somehow. It was required that the poem would follow the rhyme pattern AABBA.

There were 165 submissions altogether. From these, we community managers have chosen our top three.

The winners have received a CM token, a Santa doll and 30 days of Premium Time. The prizes were sent to the highest level character of the account the limerick was posted with, and in case there were more characters at the same level, we chose the character of these that was logged in last.

Congratulations to the authors of these wonderful limericks:

The First of April is when they fight.
From the break of morn, til the dusk of night.
The Bunny and the Jolly Man wanting the day as their own,
for the winner will take the Spring time throne.
Good luck, and battle with all your might.

The Easter Bunny was hopping about
He knew his trick would soon be found out.
Santa had asked for an egg
(for some chocolate he'd beg)
not a pretty foil wrapped brussel sprout!

Santa and the Easter Bunny are in a massive altercation.
How could anyone predict such disputation?
Santa was found with a little amulet
a rabbit foot strapped on his corpulent anklet.
It may be futile trying a conciliation.

Thank you to all participants, thanks for sharing the day with us in a bit of a foolish way!
Your Community Managers

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