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Apr 24 2018 -

Exercise Weapons, Streaming Overview and More

he new store products that were announced last week are now available in the Store and can be purchased with Tibia Coins or at your local magic/weapon shop keeper for 210,000 gold. In Thais, the public exercise dummy is placed near the distance fighting offline trainer south of the depot.

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In addition, we have implemented the following new features: 

From now on you will find an overview of the current Twitch and YouTube streamers and their viewers on the website and on the start screen of the client. Click on the respective logo to get to the Tibia section of the streaming platform. The "Players online" counter has also been moved to this new section and is now visible on the start screen of your client as well.

The recovery key of an account is now being created during the email confirmation process and needs to be entered on the website in order to complete the email confirmation of a newly created account. This new security measure does not affect accounts which are already registered. 

Last but not least, as we announced back in March, running the client under Windows XP is no longer possible as of today. Keep in mind that our support for Windows Vista has ended as well.

See you in Tibia!
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