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Jul 03 2018 -

Summer Update 2018

his year's summer update is now live on all game worlds!

Many new adventures are waiting for you in Tibia. There are rumours of a secret library which has been in existence for aeons. Behind its walls the most terrible and forbidden writings are believed to be stored. The library is said to be heavily guarded and no-one knows exactly where it is. Search for hidden clues and try to find out more about this place. Be warned, however, looking for hints to the library of a god carries great risks and only the strongest Tibians will be up to the task.

Regular visitors of the asuri palace might notice a mystical passage to another palace. If you are brave enough to traverse this magical portal, you will face the true, demonic forms of the beautiful asuri insatiately waiting for new prey to hunt down and torture. 
Not far away from the asuri realm, the deathlings, who were believed to be extinct for many centuries, have resurfaced and sent their scouts to Gray Beach. Brutally massacring even their own descendants, they are merciless killers posing a threat to every living being both above and below the sea level. Make old enemies your ally and join the deeplings in their desperate fight against the invasion of their forefathers.

Puzzlers can try their luck in the Darama desert. Explore an ancient site that has been buried under the sand for centuries. Solve complex puzzles and unlock access to the lower level. But be careful, the site's inhabitants are up to no good.
The Museum of Tibian Arts requires the help of clever archaeologists as well. In order to further expand their exhibition, they are looking for someone strong enough to shut down a literal demonic hellhole for good.

Renowned historians should take a closer look at the newly discovered castle in Edron. In there, vestiges of the falcon order's past have been preserved. Some of those are only waiting for ambitious Tibians to tell them their story, others are thirsting for your blood and will try to kill you right away.
Last but not least, Captain Charles is now selling shortcuts to several cities for a cheaper price. An excellent offer for Tibians who do not mind ending up stranded on small islands from time to time.

The Tibia client received some brand new features as well. The automatic screenshots feature, for example, captures important events such as level up, low health situations or achievements in your daily Tibian life and saves them on your computer.

The new customisable status bar includes big health and mana bars and can be placed on the bottom, the top, or on the side of your game window. It comes with four different styles and allows you to display additional information such as your character level or different skills as well.

Another addition is the expansion of the Bestiary. Many new creatures, including harmless and very rare ones, can now be unlocked. We furthermore implemented a new parameter that determines the occurrence of each creature.

In your locker, you can find the new Supply Stash, in which premium players can stow an infinite amount of stackable items. The stash offers different filters and a search bar to quickly sort your item collection and is directly connected to the imbuement shrines. 

A dream comes true for all discoverers and cartographer out there. The Cyclopdia Map offers a detailed map of Tibia including a surface view and a build-in discovering feature. Once activated, the Cyclopedia Map places random Points of Interest in a subarea which you need to find in order to unlock additional information such as NPC locations, earlier raid notifications or passages to other subareas on the map.

A few minor changes that did not make it to the teasers can be seen in the first comment.

That is it for this year's summer update! We hope you will enjoy the new content and can bring the new features to good use.

In case you need help with the new features, make sure to check out the Compendium in your client which provides you with illustrated instructions for the most important functions.

See you all in Tibia,
Your Community Managers