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Jul 31 2018 -

Bugfixes and Content Changes

ith today's server save, we have released a new client version. Among others, the following things have been fixed:

  • The following creatures are now available in the prey system: putrid mummy, weakened frazzlemaw, enfeebled silencer, orc cultist, orc cult priest, orc cult inquisitor, orc cult fanatic, orc cult minion.
  • The following creatures were removed from the prey system: ravennous hunger, gnome pack crawler, lost gnome, captured dwarf, ancient spawn of morgathla, malicious minion.
  • Malicious minion was removed from the Bestiary.
  • The following creatures react to the challenge spell (exeta res) now: brokul, deathling scout, deathling spellsinger, The Devourer of Secrets, ember beast, flying book, neutral deepling warrior, war servant.
  • Removed some name report options from the client and from the website.
  • Fixed placement of the character's name while wearing the Sinister Archer outfit.
  • Added missing protection zone fields at the Falcon Bastion shortcut and at the Path of Defiance quest.
  • Implemented some client optimisations which should increase the overall FPS.
  • Giant spiders no longer decay into a dead cave spider corpse.
  • Cobbled and Patched is no longer classified as a secret achievement.
  • We added an achievement for the successful taming of a rift runner.
  • Monster corpses can now be looted via quick looting even if they are covered by e.g. fire fields.
  • Fixed the positioning of the entrepreneur's hat feather.
  • Fixed an issue, which occasionally prevented boss Ragiaz to reappear in the fight.
  • The item deepling scales is now classified as a creature product.
  • The items chain helmet and burnt scroll are now listed in the Cyclopedia.
  • Several minor NPC and map fixes.

Have fun,
Your Community Managers