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Jul 24 2018 -

Linux Launcher, Loyalty Bonus Calculation and More

s of today's server save, there is now a client launcher for our Linux users. If you are using a Linux system, please download the latest Linux client version from our download section. The launcher will automatically check for new client updates every time you start it. Old configurations and map files can be copied from your previous client version.

In addition, we have improved the calculation of the loyalty bonus on your character's skill progress. From now on, it is no longer necessary to log out and back in to correctly apply the bonus effect on your skill progress. The bonus is now directly applied to your skill progress while you train.

Furthermore, we have restructured and visually improved our FAQ section in the Support area of the website. A few new features are now available as well. For instance, you can now add attachments like screenshots to your tickets. A new search option in the FAQ section should help you to find the answers you are looking for.

We have also slightly reworked the names section of our Tibia rules:
Section 1b "Invalid Name Format: Names that contain parts of sentences (except for guild names), badly formatted words or nonsensical combinations of letters" has been removed completely.
Aside from that, no more penalties will be imposed for names that do not fit the medieval fantasy setting of Tibia. Keep in mind, those changes are only valid from today. Already locked names are unaffected by the changes.

The "Voucher History" section has been removed from the Account Management.

Last but not least, we have removed the red flash icon (riskiness) that was displayed next to a character's name when five or more guild or party members of the character were online.

See you in Tibia,
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