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Aug 07 2018 -

Bugfixes and Content Changes

ith today's server save, we have released a new client version. Among others, we changed the following:

  • Increased the density of deathling scouts and deathling spellsingers in the Sunken Temple and the Ancient Ancestorial Grounds.
  • Increased both XP and loot value of the deathling scouts and deathling spellsingers.
  • Slightly reduced the mana drain attacks of the true dawnfire and true midnight asuri.
  • Increased the XP of the true dawnfire and true midnight asuri.
  • Increased the speed and the density of all monsters living in the secret library.
  • The library monsters now yield noticably more XP and also drop slightly more loot.
  • The health points of the skeleton elite warrior were raised.
  • Slightly adjusted the loot of the skeleton elite warrior, undead elite gladiator and the floating savant.
  • Removed several unreachable points of interests from the Cyclopedia Map.
  • Added specific area checks for deepling death counts ("Liquid Black" world change) to exclude deepling deaths caused by deathlings from the count.

Have fun,
Your Community Managers

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