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Aug 28 2018 -

Bugfixes and Content Changes

ith today's server save, we have released a new client version. Among others, we changed the following:

  • Fixed some boss rooms that, by mistake, allowed players to bring their summons to the fight.
  • An issue causing the character to stop moving under certain circumstances has been resolved.
  • Several items are no longer listed as unknown in the Drop Tracker.
  • Colliding with your own summon while your character is in yellow or red hand mode on an Open PvP game world no longer causes a protection zone block.
  • The following monsters are now available in the prey system: stabilizing dread intruder, stabilizing reality reaver, instable breach brood, instable sparkion.
  • Added some missing fansite replicas to the Market.
  • Walking over floor tiles that extremely decrease the character's pace no longer results in snapbacks.
  • Unwrapped magical trees are now moveable and therefore behave like other furniture kits that are not purchasable via the Store.
  • Several minor NPC and map fixes.

Have fun,
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