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Sep 26 2018 -

Bugfixes and Content Changes

ith today's server save, we have changed the following:

  • Added a minimum level requirement of at least 250 to access the mirror in the asura palace.
  • Scattered a few true asuri throughout the asuri area behind the mirror.
  • There are now some wider corridors in the energy section of the secret library.
  • Increased health points of ink blobs to 9,500.
  • Some adjustments concerning the attack behaviour of burning books and rage squids, which can now deal higher combo attack damage.
  • The item shard was removed from the loot of the library monsters in the ice area.
  • Removed strong potions from the loot of several library monsters.
  • Monsters of the ice, energy and earth area of the secret library now drop additional items.
  • An issue causing a visual duplication of items in the depot box has been resolved.
  • The mechanical fishing rod can no longer be used to train the fishing skill in non-designated areas.
  • "Unlink Authenticator" via the lost account interface should now work as intended again.

Have fun,
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