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Oct 25 2018 -

Stash Expansion, Value Colours, Boosted Creature

he winter update will bring some brand new features to the Tibia client:

Supply Stash Expansion

An NPC Filter mechanism will be added to the Supply Stash including the most important NPCs that buy stashable items such as Yasir, Grizzly Adams and Esrik, for example. Select an NPC and only items that can be sold to this NPC will be displayed in your Supply Stash.

In addition to that, many more items are now stackable and can therefore be stowed into the stash from now on.

This includes a lot of valuable items like the different coloured gems as well as items like fishbones and plants like roses.

Colourised Loot Value

Based on their gold value which is defined in the Cyclopedia, items are now highlighted with a coloured frame. This allows to identify the approximate value of the item at a glance. 

  • No frame means a gold value has yet to be defined in the Cyclopedia or equals 0.
  • Grey frame means a gold value of 1 - 999.
  • Green frame means a gold value of 1,000 - 9,999.
  • Blue frame means a gold value of 10,000 - 99,999.
  • Purple frame means a gold value of 100,000 - 999,999.
  • Yellow frame means a gold value of 1,000,000+.

Furthermore, the individual items are highlighted in the respective colour in every loot message. It is also possible to have a more subtle coloured hint in the upper left corner instead of the frames or to completely deactivate the feature in the client's interface options.

Boosted Creature

With every server save, a randomly drawn creature will receive a temporary boost until next server save.
During that time, the selected creature will yield more experience points, carry more loot than usual and respawn at a faster rate.

The currently boosted creature will be displayed on the login screen of the client and on our website where it will replace the monster of the week.

Boosted CreatureMonster Pedestal Box

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