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Jan 22 2019 -

Bugfixes and Content Changes

ith today's server save, we have released a new client version. Among others, we changed the following:

  • Minor adjustments were made to the hireling's dialog options.
  • Hirelings react to the keyword trade from now on.
  • Free accounts can no longer use the services of a hireling.
  • Reduced weight of the hireling lamp to 0 oz.
  • The positioning of the Dream Warrior outfit has been adjusted. 
  • Fireworks rockets are no longer tradeable via the Market.
  • An issue causing the client to crash under certain circumstances has been resolved.
  • Players with an active protection zone block are no longer able to enter the "cleansing chamber" during the "Barkless" quest.
  • Wilting leaf golem, stonerefiner and yielothax can now be rolled as prey monster.
  • Goblin leader is now classified as very rare in the Bestiary.
  • An issue, which sometimes disrupted the character's movement after using the Attack Next/Previous Target hotkey has been resolved.
  • An issue which, under rare circumstances, prevented the Last Lorekeeper to spawn correctly, has been resolved.
  • Climbing up ladders while having a creature corpse on the same field is now working again when you are using classic controls & right click for quick looting.
  • Sinister book, ominous book and knowledgeable book are now inscribable and were added to the Cyclopedia. 
  • Several minor map and NPC fixes.

Have fun,
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