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Jan 07 2019 -

Statement on Recently Reported Abuse Scenarios

ttention, fellow Tibians,

over the weekend, we have received an increasing number of reports from our players who signalled an ongoing abuse scenario concerning the loot distribution of different bosses. As a first countermeasure the access to the boss room of the Grandmaster Oberon was deactivated on Saturday, January 05.

Initial investigations and further in-depth analyses, however, could not substantiate the reports about an increase in falcon item drops or other rare items from various bosses that distribute their loot based on a participation system. Diagram Falcon Items demonstrates the amount of falcon item drops over the last few weeks, which are evenly distributed and indicate no alarming increase of drops.

Falcon Items
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Tokens & Soul Stones
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An exception is the Percht Queen from the Winterlight Solstice Event. Diagram Tokens & Soul Stones shows an increase of gold and silver tokens since the beginning of the event. We deeply regret the problems resulting from this. We have removed the tokens from the Percht Queen's loot on Saturday, which stabilised the daily distribution to its usual rate.

Over the last few days, many questions came up concerning a potential reset: In order to revert the increased distribution of such tokens, a reset of all game worlds back to 22 December 2018 would be required, which we do not consider feasible. 

Going forward, we will refrain from adding items that are primarily aiming at mid-high level players to events that are accessible by players of all level ranges. For now, the current issues concerning silver and gold tokens have been addressed. In the long run, we will try to provide a technical solution to fix the current design weakness in the distribution system.

See you in Tibia,
Your Community Managers

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