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Jan 22 2019 -

New Rents for Houses, Flats and Guildhalls

ibia's economy has changed significantly over the years. Nowadays, various ways and sources allow players to acquire gold and make profit, much more than back in the days. Many players have accumulated considerable wealth over time. Yet, house rents have not been changed in all these years. By today's standards, they are incredibly low.

In order to address this situation, new rents for all houses, including flats and guildhalls, have been determined. They will become effective in April 2019, at the earliest. Of course, we will inform you about the concrete date as soon as it has been set.

All houses have been ranked based on their popularity and size. To gauge popularity, we have calculated the average auction price as well as the median auction price of each house across all regular game worlds since 2015. Additionally, we have also factored in the number of days a house has been rented since 2015.

Based on their rank, houses have been grouped into categories which determine the new monthly rent:

1. 50,000 gold/month (403 houses) 1. 500,000 gold/month (29 guildhalls)
2. 100,000 gold/month (250 houses) 2. 2,000,000 gold/month (20 guildhalls)
3. 200,000 gold/month (175 houses) 3. 5,000,000 gold/month (10 guildhalls)
4. 400,000 gold/month (100 houses) 4. 10,000,000 gold/month (5 guildhalls)
5. 800,000 gold/month (50 houses)    

You can check the new monthly rents in the houses section, both in the list of all available houses and if you view a specific house.

We would like to emphasise that the new rents will become due in April at the earliest. Until then, the current rents will apply.

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