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Jan 30 2019 -

Adjustment of New House Rents

ast week, we announced new rents for all houses, including flats and guildhalls, to bring them in line with today's economy in Tibia. Since then, we have received a lot of feedback from both active and retired players. We evaluated the concerns that were raised and the points of criticsm thorougly, and have decided to make the following adjustments:

Based on their ranking in terms of popularity and size, houses are now grouped into ten instead of just five rent categories. As a consequence, many houses now fall into categories with a lower future rent than originally announced. In addition, we significantly reduced the future rents for all guildhalls.

The new categories and rents are summarised here:

1. 25,000 gold/month (198 houses) 1. 250,000 gold/month (29 guildhalls)
2. 50,000 gold/month (200 houses) 2. 500,000 gold/month (20 guildhalls)
3. 80,000 gold/month (160 houses) 3. 1,000,000 gold/month (10 guildhalls)
4. 100,000 gold/month (125 houses) 4. 5,000,000 gold/month (5 guildhalls)
5. 150,000 gold/month (95 houses)    
6. 200,000 gold/month (70 houses)    
7. 300,000 gold/month (50 houses)    
8. 400,000 gold/month (35 houses)    
9. 600,000 gold/month (25 houses)    
10. 800,000 gold/month (20 houses)    

The future rents in the houses section have been adjusted accordingly.

As mentioned, the new rents will become effective in April 2019, at the earliest. The concrete date will be announced as soon as it has been set.

Thank you for your feedback!
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