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Jun 21 2019 -

Reduction of Game Window Messages and Depot Search

fter a long day at work, you are eager to visit the Tibian lands and to start off into a new adventure. But what is this? There are messages clogging up your game window, blocking your view. Before you can head into the wilderness, you are bombarded with information you might not really want to have at this point. Sounds familiar?
After the upcoming summer update, you will have control over this. For the following messages you will be able to choose via the Game Window Interface Options menu whether they should be displayed in the game window - as it is now - or only in the server log so that they will not block your view:

  • Boosted Creature
  • Offline Training Progress
  • Store Notifications

Apart from the above mentioned optional reduction of game window messages, the amount of them will be further reduced, so that they do not interfere with your game play as much as they currently do. For example, the message you receive when using a Gold Converter will only be shown in the server log after the summer update.
And there will be an additional spam protection in place as well, reducing the attention messages in the game window for full containers, when you have no free slots left, and when you run out of capacity.

Please note, that the spam protection will only affect the game window, all messages will still be posted in the server log. Also, it is a spam protection only. Since the information is important for you to know, it will still be displayed to you in the game window, however, a constant repeating of these messages will be prevented. So you will see them pop up every now and then to be informed, but it will happen less often than it currently is the case. We hope that this feature will make your game play more convenient.

Another feature that will hopefully make your Tibian life more comfortable, is a brand new search function that will include your inbox, your stash and all the containers and subcontainers in your depot. Instead of rummaging around in all depot boxes for this one special item, or instead of using the indirect way to search your depot by using the market, you can save yourself the trouble after the summer update and search for your items quickly, easily and directly with the new Depot Search.

You can open the search widget by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top of your locker window, or any other container in your locker. Please note, though, that the search will always include all containers in your locker, even if it was started from a subcontainer.
After you have chosen an item you are looking for, you will first see the amount, and in a more detailed view, you will then see the different stacks of the item that you have. You will also be able to tell where the stack is located. Via drag and drop you can move it then into another container, you can choose to open the container holding the wanted item stack via a context-menu, or you can retrieve items from your stash. The context-menu will also allow you to get further information on the item, by opening the Cyclopedia, by choosing Look or by choosing Inspect, for example.

Please keep in mind that we are still in the phase before the test server, so all this is still subject to change.

We hope these changes will make your Tibian life more comfortable!