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Jun 27 2019 -

Party List and Battle Lists

hen you are hunting in a party, you often rely on your team members with your life. But - sometimes a desperately needed heal just does not come your way and you wonder why. Later you find out that the druids in your party were under quite some distress themselves. If you had just known that before your wounded corpse fell to the ground...

This year's summer update will bring two new features for premium players to make hunting a lot more comfortable.

Party List:

A widget was implemented, that lets you track mana, health and other important data of your party members and their summons, even if you cannot see them ingame any longer. As long as they are not too far away, the status of your party members and their summons will be displayed to you. In this widget, you can use many sorting options, choose to either hide or display summons, and filter your party members by vocation. So if you would like to keep track of the knights in your hunting party to make sure that they are alright, you can monitor them easily all at once, much better than before.

Party List
Sorting Options

Battle Lists:

While you will not be able to carry out any attacks via the party list, another new widget that the summer update will bring, is an addition to your regular battle list. Premium players will be able to open secondary battle lists.
You can choose the names for these new lists yourself. There will be the same sorting options available as you know them already for your current battle list. In addition, you will be able to use vocation filters for all of your battle lists.
Commands like choosing the next target via hotkey, for example, will refer to the primary battle list. You will have an easy option to turn any secondary battle list into your primary battle list, though. You will of course also be able to see at all times which of your battle lists is currently set to be your primary and therefore active battle list.
When you close the Tibia client, all battle lists that are open at that moment are saved and will be available for you again.

Please keep in mind that we are still in the phase before the test server, so all this is still subject to change.

We hope that these two features will improve your hunting experience!
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