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Jun 11 2019 -

Golden Outfit

hen the golden suns of Tibia set on the horizon, there is still a light that does not fade. Shining brightly against the darkness, the legendary golden outfit illuminates the path towards glory and grandeur. Radiating unique magnificence and extravagance, those of royal blood will award it only to the most prestigious and prosperous Tibians in exchange for a generous donation.

  • As of server save tomorrow, June 12, King Tibianus, Queen Eloise, and Emperor Kruzak will give you the base golden outfit for 500,000,000 gold. If you want to complete the glorious look, you can obtain the golden helmet addon and the golden boots addon for 250,000,000 gold each.

  • Together with the base outfit, you will also receive a golden outfit mannequin kit in your Store inbox. You can put it into your house to proudly show others which parts of the golden outfit you own.

  • In addition, the name of all donors will be immortalised on the golden memorial of their world so their contribution will never be forgotten. It shows not only the names of all golden outfit wearers on a world but also which parts they have obtained. The memorial can be found at Thais Crossroads and in other cities.

Please note that you will receive an outfit, not the actual items ingame. Also, you do not need to possess the items to acquire the outfit. In order to not tarnish the golden splendour, only very small parts of the golden outfit can be colourised. If you click on the memorial image you can see the base version of the outfit in a pop-up window.

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