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Jul 29 2019 -

Summer Update 2019

he summer update has been released! Read below to find out what new content and features Tibia has in store for you.

Evil is afoot! Dark powers plan to resurrect twelve fallen knights and force them to do their wicked bidding. Make haste and set out to find all the graves to stop these nefarious fiends. You need to put an end to their twisted designs ere it is too late!

Travel to the miraculous peninsula of Kilmaresh, home to a plethora of exotic creatures like manticores, sphynxes and gryphons. They might be fascinating to look at, but are deadly beings nonetheless. The capital, Issavi, is a marvel to behold with its splendid architecture. Perish any thoughts of vacation however – the banned cult of Fafnar is lurking in the shadows, scheming, plotting...

Be on the lookout for the vile Order of the Cobra! From their mighty fortress located on a remote island they spread death and destruction to lands far and wide.

From now on you have better control over your game windows messages: any information about boosted creatures, your offline training progress and Store notifications can now be confined to the server log. Moreover, there are some improvements to reduce message clutter in general.

Next up, the depot search. You cannot for the life of you remember where you put a certain item? Fret not, for now you are able to search your inbox, stash and all the containers and subcontainers in your depot with a handy search function.

The friend system is here! Not only do you have the option to search for friends, invite them, group them and look at their character information, but also be awed by their badges and titles which have been introduced with this update. There are many of them to obtain, so keep collecting and display them for the world to see.

With the new party list Premium players can keep track of mana and health of any party members and summons, with many options to choose from which suit your playstyle. With the enhanced battle list on the other hand Premium players can open secondary battle lists and even name them. Sort them to your heart's content in order to get the best out of your hunt!

We hope you enjoy the content of the new summer update and wish you a lot fun,
Your Community Managers