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May 18 2007 -
Welcome to Svargrond
o prepare you for this year's summer update, we would like to tell you about the newly discovered settlement Svargrond - for sure the coldest city in whole Tibia. Svargrond is situated on Hrodmir, the largest isle of the Ice Islands. The city can either be reached by ship or by carpet. However, if you want to visit one of the nearby islands, you are well advised to take the dog sled.

There are people of 2 different backgrounds living in this chilly settlement. On the one hand, there are the natives who have been in this area for a very long time living a nomadic lifestyle. Today, some of them still live in camps outside of Svargrond but others were attracted by the more comfortable way of living in a city and moved there. On the other hand, there are settlers that originate from Carlin. Their ancestors were attracted by the valuable ores which can be found in the close-by mines. They were the ones that founded a small settlement in the North which has developed into the prospering city Svargrond. It is characterised by a unique, rustic style with long blockhouses.
Today, it is inhabited by natives and Carliners alike. The wealthier inhabitants of Svargrond live in large houses decorated with various ornaments. It is said that the more ornaments embellish a house, the richer are the people living in there. Many people, however, earn their living as fishermen or furriers. They live in cozy huts in separated quarters to the south.

Fancy searching out your warm clothes and going ice fishing? There are rumours about some undiscovered fish species in the North. If you are a Premium Account player and not too scared by this inhospitable climate, you can visit this cool city soon yourself. To see more pictures of Svargrond, have a look at our supported fansites!

Prepare for the cold!
Your CipSoft Team