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Oct 22 2019 -

Darkness Before Dawn

iary of Para Norbert, Entry #21

When I awoke in the dead of night, I knew immediately that a nightmare had held me in its grips just moments ago. I could not remember one detail, not even a fleeting glimpse of what my eyes must have beheld in the tenebrous netherworld of dreams; no, were it not for my heaving body, drenched in sweat, I would have never known that horrors had hounded me in the small hours. Yet, I had certainty now and got up. Sleep was out of the question in my state, my thoughts racing to grasp anything that might have troubled me so.

I stood at the window and watched the city below me. Thais lay lifeless, dead; no human, not even a dog in sight. The horned waning moon shone high above, its light peering into my chamber.

Do not take me for a fool that I would waste the opportunity for sweet slumber, only to be safe of childish fantasies which do not afflict us beings of flesh and bone. These last weeks I have slept little, and what scarce time I was given to rest, was perturbed by strange hauntings and outlandish occurences.

Given that I was not one to indulge foolish notions of the supernatural, initially I shook it off as merely being under the weather. Over time however, after having done my fair share of research, I could not deny the greater truth: The ghostly world of the vast beyond was in flux, unsettled by events far above my comprehension. I would have to gather skilled folk who could assist me in my mission to fathom the dealings of the spectral realm, that much is clear. I will continue with my work in order to be prepared for the moment when able-bodied souls will find their way to me.