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Oct 24 2019 -

What Lies Beyond

iary of Para Norbert, Entry #24

In my continued quest to get to the bottom of the activities on the astral plane, I have identified several locations which are key to understanding the inner workings of this phantasmal realm. In order to access these forbidden places, it is vital to first track down some essential items needed to break down the barrier which separates the world of the living from the domain of the dead. Not only is the eventual journey to the home of spectres and phantoms a perilous one, but the task which lies ahead requires courage, strength and mental fortitude.

I have pondered long hours whether I can send someone on this voyage with a clear conscience, as the looming prospects of death and destruction spell certain doom for anyone daring this feat. And yet, it must be done, and I shall bear the pangs of guilt which might plague me for the rest of my days.

There must be one other place beset by ghostly apparitions, lying out of the scope of this endeavour. I have heard of a fellow named Thaian requiring urgent assistance in a supernatural matter; may he receive the help needed.

It will be an uphill battle for the chosen to vanquish the ghastly menace ahead, as the dangers will ramp up in size and skill, requiring them to travel to places far and near all over this unsuspecting world. Getting the necessary items without falling prey to the shadowy forces that will watch their every move is a sheer impossible task in and of itself. It will be another question altogether however what becomes of them when they will face that which slumbers in the dark, which haunts our dreams and infests the mind in the unsuspecting moments when our grip on sanity loosens that tiny bit, when they behold that which is hidden in the deepest chasms of an unreal reality that lies on the border of existence and nothingness.